Created on 1,087 acres of multi-storied forest, a canvas 
celebrating nature’s artistic handiwork, Deer Moss Creek 
embraces the land with its streams and tributaries. The creek 
along with the forest, hills and open spaces creates a dynamic 
landscape in which to build community.
The creek is “The Thing” at Deer Moss Creek. Encouraging a healthy 
lifestyle, a paved trail system will follow the creek, and foot 
paths meander off towards spring-fed streams. A bike path will 
loop around the property. Parks and neighborhood amenities 
add a depth of character to everyday living as does the diverse 
styles of homes. 
The trail system will be enjoyed by Deer Moss Creek residents 
as well as the general public. The eight-foot-wide, paved trail 
will follow the path of the creek where possible. 
Our vision is for walkers, joggers, parents with strollers, 
wheel chair users, bicyclists, etc. to enjoy moving through 
and experiencing nature. More primitive trails will allow explorers 
to access various picturesque points of interest.
Deer Moss Creek is an intricate balance of nature and people. 
The Deer Moss Creek experience blends the human element 
into the natural areas and brings nature into where people live.
At the heart of Deer Moss Creek will be a vibrant village center. 
Pedestrian and vehicular bridges will connect neighborhoods 
to each other and the designated commercial and light
industrial areas where potential retailers and businesses 
can thrive.
For decades the Ruckel family used this pristine land for 
studying and enjoying nature, horseback riding, hunting, 
etc. The hope is that others may now enjoy living together
in this master planned community that respects the bounties
of nature and is inspired by craftsmanship and excellence. 
Creating a destination where people can build their 
dream home, work, shop, be entertained, and immerse 
themselves in nature is what Deer Moss Creek is all about.

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