Parkview Place is sold out. Please see our Homes For Sale for any resales that may become available.

Parkview Place

Sitting on the front porch, in a rocking chair, sipping lemonade. Can you picture yourself here?

The neighbors wave as they walk by and you invite them up onto the porch to sit a while and chat. Parkview Place harkens back to the days in small towns where neighbors actually knew each other, where life was more about making friends and relaxing at the end of the day rather than taking care of a big house and yard.

Picture yourself with a nice cup of coffee or tea, the newspaper or a good book, relaxing in your porch swing or comfy chair in your secluded side yard. Take walks around the tree-lined sidewalk or have some quiet time under the canopy of trees in the park. Picture yourself in Parkview Place.

Parkview Place Gallery

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Directions: From John Sims Pkwy (Hwy 20), turn north onto Partin Dr N (Hwy 285). The Parkview Place entrance is located 1.3 miles on the right, just 0.4 miles south of College Blvd.